The border is what people can see and perceive of me. I’m defined and defended by my borders, but this are also what allows me to communicate with the world around me. We’ll explore the Talmudic story of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochay as it appears in TB Tractate Shabat, and see how a story that was written 2000 years ago tells us so much still today. A story of hiding and revealing, undressing and wearing clothes, a story of inside and outside, and – most important – the story of how cool it is to change your mind!!
Text study session with Miriam Camerini and Tamás Bárász.

Miriam Camerini was born in Jerusalem and lives in Milan, Italy. Theatre director, actress, singer and playwright, she graduated in Theatre Studies (Milan State University) and then worked as assistant director at Zurich’s Opera Theatre, Venice’s La Fenice Theatre and at Budapest’s Golem Theatre as guest director. Miriam studied Talmud at the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies (2007 – 2008) and Theatre Studies at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem (2008 – 2010), where she worked as a producer and assistant director for the Jerusalem Theatre Company in 2010. In 2012, Miriam established her own theatre company in Milan (Tzama Nafshi).

Tamas Barasz was born and lives in Budapest. He received his masters in German Language and Literature from Eötvös Loránd University in 2002, and studied Talmud the following years in Beit Midrash d’Berlin (Berlin) and Yeshivas Beis Yisroel (Jerusalem). He works presently as Reporting Manager for an international company and occasionally leads communal learning of traditional jewish texts.

Contribution: 500HUF
The event is supported by Paideia – European Institute for Jewish Studies and MiNYanim. Partners: Aurora, Mozaik Hub